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We provide aluminum tubes, pipes, or parts for products like: traditional umbrellas, folding umbrellas, camera tripods or supports, luggage handles, bathing fixtures, lighting fixtures, furniture, cosmetic cases or containers, and other products for sports or industry.

We welcome various demands from our customers for developing new products and mutual prosperity.

Tubes after Oxidization Treatment
Luggage Handle A Luggage Handle B
Folding Umbrella Frame A Folding Umbrella Frame B
Square Tube Oval Tube
Round Tube Fluted Tube
Binocular Tube Customized Tube A
Customized Tube B Customized Tube C
Customized Tube D Customized Tube E
Cooling Plates Caps
Spiral Tube Round Tube Manufacturing
CNC Can Opener

Our downstream manufacturers produce things like

Camera Tripod Scissors and Shears
Umbrella Umbrella with a Ball-Picking Stick
Crutch Paddle
Luggage Roof Bike Carrier

China Aluminum

LOT Query System

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